It is a user-centric product based on AI+web3 technology, built on the QTUM blockchain
Qtum Qurator
NFT Creating & Trading
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Qtum Solstice
Open-Source AI
Chat GPT Models
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AIGC tool
QTUM.AI provides users with a convenient and easy-to-use AIGC creation tool. Users can select models, input prompts, and adjust related parameters on the front-end page of QTUM.AI to engage in AIGC creation
Open-source AI models
As is well known, the moat of AIGC lies in computing power and models. QTUM.AI adopts an open-source model library, jointly built and maintained by millions of community users worldwide. It continuously trains and iterates new models for users to create with."
One-click issuance of NFT
QTUM is the first smart contract platform based on the UTXO model. After users create satisfactory works using the AIGC tool provided by QTUM.AI, they can issue NFTs on the QTUM chain with just one click, digitizing their artwork and permanently preserving it on the blockchain.
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